Google sued by Oracle over copyright claims

History Oracle vs Google

Oracle had sued Google over a copyright infringement case over android. Oracle claimed that Google has used Oracle’s Java to create Android, a platform similar to Java and also its competitor. The two giants have been in battle over the claim since 2010.


The latest update in the case has been in favor of Oracle. In the previous two trials the jury had ruled against the Oracle. Oracle had appealed the decision twice. On Tuesday, the judges wrote:

There is nothing fair about taking a copyrighted work verbatim and using it for the same purpose and function the original in a competing platform

What now?

Oracle seek to $9 million from Google. But if the court gives the decision in favor of Oracle in the third trial, this amount might be much bigger. The decision, if given in favor of Oracle will also effect future open-source work and developers. Anyone who wishes to develop a platform upon some already developed open-source platform, may need to buy a license.

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