Who is Sadiq Sanjrani?

Sadiq Sanjrani (birth name Mir Sadiq Sanjrani) is the newly elected Chairman of Senate of Pakistan. He was elected with 57 votes after beating seasoned politician Raja Zafar-ul-Haq by 11 votes on 12 March 2018. He is the first ever senate of Balochistan to hold the seat of Chairman of Senate.

Sadiq Sanjrani was born on April 14, 1978 (age 39) in Nok Kundi, Chagai District Balochistan. Apart from being the first Chairman of Senate from Balochistan, he is also the youngest Chairman of Senate at the age of 39.

He received his primary education from his birth city and then attended university of Balochistan for higher studies. Currently he holds a Master’s degree in Arts.

Sadiq Sanjrani belongs to reputable family. His father is the leader of his tribe and also a member of Chagai’s District Counsel.

Sanjrani’s younger brother Aijaz Sanjrani has been the advisor to revenue department during the tenure of ex Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri. Another younger brother Muhammad Raziq has served as managing director the Saindak Copper Gold Project.

Sadiq Sanjrani has 5 younger brothers.

Sadiq Sanjrani himself has served as coordinater to PM Nawaz Sharif in 1998 and 2008 he was head of the Complaint Cell formed by then Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani. He held that post for 5 years.

On election as senator, Sadiq Sanjrani had expressed his wish for a Baloch Chairman of Senate. He with the help of CM Abdul Qayyum Bazinjo, Imran Khan and Zardari has been able to fulfill his wish.

This is the first time PTI and PPP have backed same candidate and agenda. On the otherhand, PML N claims that this coilation is only to weaken PML N role in the future politics.

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