AS Roma makes an upsetting comback

As Roma pulled of a champions league stunner by scoring three goals to throw Barca out of Champions league

Barca had the three goals lead from previous leg at Camp Nou and As Roma had only managed to score a single away goal in Camp Nou. Coming into the match Barca were the favorites to move to the next round.

But the visitors were not going to make it any more easier for Barca. Just 6 min into the first half Edin Dzeko, netted a simple lobbed through ball over the Barca defenders. A clinical finish, poking the ball into the goal.

Roma kept on making the Barca goal keeper work throughout the first half. Barca were unable to find their golden touch in the first half.

In second half, the visitors started where they had left off. Dzeko was again troubling the Barca defender when the defender made a mistimed tackle and took Dzeko down  with him in penalty area.

Rossi celebrating after scoring from a penalty

Mr. Roma, Daniele De Rossi, stepped up to take the penalty and netted it with blasting drive, right of the goal keeper at 58th minute.

Barca were still going through till the 82nd minute when Roma’s Kosta Manolas headed them to victory.

Kosta and Roma celebrating the winning goal

This was Messi’s and Iniesta’s 100th apearance together. Didn’t go as they would have wanted it.

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